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Frequently asked questions

I started Inkpots seven years ago, and have been mentoring young people for many more years. But I’m also a mum and I know that our children’s happiness and fulfillment comes first. So I appreciate how important it is that young people have the right support.

These frequently asked questions (with answers) cover the most common areas that parents and carers ask about our sessions and courses. But this does not replace the all-important one-to-one chat about your child, so please do get in touch if there is something that’s not covered here. I would be delighted to chat.


Where do the sessions take place?

The most important thing is that the young person feels at ease and is not concerned about any of the sessions. So if you live locally to me, I will visit your home at a time convenient to everyone. I also do sessions via Skype for those families who live further afield.

How far do you travel?

I live in Burgess Hill in West Sussex so I cover here, Haywards Heath, Lindfield, Cuckfield, Hassocks, Hurstpierpoint and Brighton. The sessions within a 15 mile radius are free and beyond that I charge 45p a mile. If you live further away, we can discuss arrangements but a Skype session may be the alternative for everyone.

 How long do the sessions last?

Shine sessions last for an hour, Accelerate is an hour and a half, whereas the sessions for Flourish are 45 minutes each.

How do the sessions work?

The main bulk of the time is spent working on a 1:1 basis with the young person. However, at the end of each time period I will always summarise what we’ve covered with a parent either in person or by email.

All sessions are followed up with a summary and in the case of Flourish, there is also a short session to update parents/carers.

Do I need to provide any materials?

If I am visiting you at home I will bring my box of resources full of pens, pencils, rulers and so on. I’ll also have plenty of paper and any books, pictures and other resources needed for the session. However, I always am delighted to see any projects a young person is working on, so notebooks, photos, models and illustrations etc. are great for a session.

For a Skype session, I will also send a package a materials in the post for the young person as part of the package.

Do I need to stay with my son or daughter?

It’s preferable for a young person to have some space to focus of these sessions on their own with me. However, every situation is different and I am always happy to discuss these details so that everyone is happy.

However, it is extremely important that an adult is in the house while these sessions are occurring in case of emergency.

What happens if we need to cancel a session?

I will always try to accommodate any change of date as I fully understand that family life can be complex!

What age range are the sessions suitable for?

The packages and sessions have been designed for children age 8 – 16 years. Each young person is at the very centre of this work and each package will be tailored to their needs and interests.

Do you keep in touch?

Definitely. I follow up all sessions one month and six months. It’s important to see how a young person’s creativity develops and how best they can be supported.

What information do you need from me?

Parents/carers are asked to complete a short form before we start work together. But any additional information is always helpful. Please be assured that information is kept confidential and only shared when absolutely essential for the safety of a young person.

My child has child has additional needs – can they still take part in sessions?

Absolutely! Inkpots is completely inclusive. If any adjustments need to be made, please do just let me know and we can discuss this and ensure and needs are met.

How do I pay?

Online payment links are on all the pages for the packages. I can also send an invoice with links to online banking.

I am going through a challenging time financially but your package would be just right – can I pay in instalments?

Payments for all the packagess must be made in advance. But I do understand that sometimes it is difficult. If this is the case, please do let me know and we can come to a confidential arrangement.

A full set of our terms and conditions is available here