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Frequently asked questions

I have been running Inkpots for over five years now and regularly chat with parents before their children start at our various workshops or clubs. It’s a big step so it’s really important to get it right.

To help things along, here are a few frequently asked questions (with answers). But this does not replace the all-important one-to-one chat about your child, so please do get in touch at any point.

How much are Inkpots workshops?

The cost of each workshop varies and the charges are given on the individual website pages. Once we are in touch, I will be letting you know as we go along. The cost of workshops varies according to where we meet, and the content.

 How do I book my child into an after school club?

You will need to book your child into a club or workshop via our booking system – please click HERE

There is a message on the website saying that the after school club is full. What can I do?

If a club is full, a waiting list will be activated and you can ask if your child can be added. Attendance of the clubs does shift and sometimes a place becomes available during a term, so you may be offered that. I will also be in regular touch to let you know about other workshops and events you may be interested in.

There are spaces left at my child’s school but we have missed the start of the term. Can I sign them up for the remaining sessions?

Yes! We are always happy to welcome new children throughout the term. Depending where we are in the term, there may be a very small admin cost. Please contact Gill directly in this case.

 My child is going to miss an after school session. Do I still have to pay for the whole term?

A lot of planning goes into a whole term as is based on every child attending so refunds cannot be given for missing sessions due to school trips, illness, dental appointments and so on

My child hasn’t come before. Can they have a trial session?

It is really important that a child gets off to the best start at Inkpots so I have designed a welcome message and process for them. But if your child is particularly anxious – maybe you have just moved to the area for example, and everything is new – then please do discuss this with me and we can arrange a free session if it’s needed.

Why can some schools accept Year 3 students and others can’t?

Most of the schools we work with are for children from reception to year 6, but one is a junior school and so it seems very unfair to not allow all the children to come to Inkpots. But usually the clubs are for years 4 – 6.

 My child is not quite old enough to attend your workshops but they are an advanced writer. Can they come any way?

Some times, we open up our holiday workshops and other events to children who are age 7 because of the subject, and especially if they have older siblings who are used to coming to Inkpots. But, we are not insured to take children any younger than this.

What happens if a workshop is cancelled?

If I have to cancel a workshop because of illness, I will let you know as soon as is physically possible, and a refund will be given. On the very rare occasion that a school has to cancel an after school club, no refund will be given by Inkpots.

 Do you accept childcare vouchers?

Inkpots is not Ofsted-registered, so we are unable to accept these.

Do I need to notify you if my child is walking home alone, being collected by someone else, or if I need to collect them early?

Yes please! This helps enormously – not only does it help the club run efficiently, but sometimes a child can become anxious if there is confusion about home-time.

How do you keep in touch with parents?

At key points during a term, I will be in touch about specific details, but I also send out regular newsletters with Inkpots news and also information on books and creativity which I hope will be interesting. I also write a regular blog, and post on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram regularly too.

Do you give feedback to the children on their work?

I firmly believe in giving regular positive feedback to all the children. As a publications editor, I do enjoy reading the children’s stories, and will do a gentle edit if that is asked for.

However,  I am developing more services and these will be announced shortly.

Does my child need to take anything to the workshops?

When a child starts at the after school clubs, they are given a folder, notebook and pen, so that they can keep all their materials together. But, children do bring things to the groups and it’s always lovely to see the things they want to share. But I would ask that nothing precious is taken to Inkpots (including special pens) in case it gets mixed up or broken.

My child has special needs – can they still come to a club?

Absolutely! Inkpots is completely inclusive and all children are welcome. If any adjustments need to be made, please do just let me know and we can discuss it.

Do you offer one-to-one tutoring?

No. Inkpots is a bit of an exam-free zone! However, we can suggest tutors who may be able to help.

What happens if my child has problems with another at the club?

Let’s be very clear – Inkpots operates a no bullying policy. There is a real emphasis on kindness and supporting each other so any name-calling or hyper-criticism or similar behaviour is not tolerated.

In extreme circumstances, if a child cannot keep to our simple rules, they will be asked to leave.

I am going through a challenging time financially – can I pay in instalments?

Payments for all the workshops must be made in advance. But I do understand that sometimes it is difficult. If this is the case, please do let me know and we can come to a confidential arrangement.

Will my child’s work be published?

We have a monthly Inkpots Spotlight where children’s work is shared on the website. We do share work on social media at other times too.

A full set of our terms and conditions is available here