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BLOG POST: Final tips for Year 6

Relax! Some ideas for preparing for exams


It isn’t all about revising and working really, really hard (although these things are important). You need to look after yourself as well!

  • Food is your friend! Make sure you eat plenty of food which is good for you, to keep your energy levels up. Try to avoid lots of sweets and chocolate and fizzy drinks; these will not help in the long run.
  • Don’t stop exercising – even if you feel you would be better off spending the time revising. Exercise really helps with concentration.
  • Don’t forget your friends – especially if they are doing exams too. Just spending a bit of time with them is good for all of you.
  • Put some calming music on. There are lots of tracks on YouTube – just Google ‘relaxing music’ you can listen to.
  • Balancing everything can be tricky – but it does work! Don’t leave everything until the last minute.
  • Try not to worry; we know this is easy to say, but worrying only increases your stress hormones which just make things work. There is always someone you can talk to if it’s all getting horrid (your parents, teacher or at Inkpots).
  • Breathe! You must remember to breathe! Taking some big deep breaths slows your breathing down and panicky feelings slow down too.

Good luck. Remember that you are awesome!



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