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Creative ideas to ‘keep up your sleeve’

A very good friend of mine used to be a deputy headteacher and when she knew I was starting Inkpots, she advised that I always had a few spare ideas to hand just in case I had some additional time to fill, or things didn’t go to plan.

Yesterday morning, I saw a family packing up their large estate car for what looked like a camping expedition. There were three small and very excited children bobbing in and out of the house. And the skies were leaden grey, and the rain was pouring down.

I do hope that the adults had a few ideas up their sleeve should the weather stay as it is in the south of England at the moment.

With the school holidays stretching out rather gloriously ahead, we all might need a few tricks to turn to. It’s a great opportunity to keep children’s creativity flowing. There’s doesn’t need to be that much structure or planning involved, as it’s so important for children to have some down time in the holidays, and enjoy having unstructured time. But boredom can be a real kill joy and can threaten to spoil things for everyone.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Board games are enjoying a fantastic renaissance (I do wonder if my elder son and his board game buddies are responsible at least in some part for this!). We use Dixit a lot at Inkpots and Lugu – both are storytelling games and hugely popular with our children. We’ve just been asked to have a look at a new game called Randomise too which also encourage children’s creativity.
  • Have a look at some comics. If you haven’t seen children’s comics for a while (like me!), you may well be pleasantly surprised! The Phoenix comic is really popular and has cartoons of all styles to appeal to a range of children. If your children would like to make their own cartoons, check out the fabulous Comics Club Blog.
  • Introduce your children to a book or game that you enjoyed as a child. Go back down memory lane and share some of the happy memories!
  • Go somewhere you have never been before – and put the kids in charge of planning the route and what you do! Obviously, this will have to be within reason and a budget but you may end up doing something different and unusual.
  • Make a holiday scrapbook. Basic scrapbooks are cheap or you can make your own and then everyone can collect things to add – and each family member can be responsible for certain things like tickets, receipts or wrappers.

At Inkpots, we are running a range of activities throughout the holidays, in our local area and online. Please take a look here.

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Happy summer!



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