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Creative ideas for Autumn half term

October half term is upon here in Sussex – and it’s also being a true season of mists and mellow fruitfulness. We have been lucky enough to have had some lovely Autumnal days and, hopefully, these will continue into the school holidays.

So here are some ideas for creative activities to do inspired by the glorious colours of nature at the moment:

• Get out for a sensory walk. It sounds so simple, but time is always at a premium, but a walk is good thing for everyone. Switch all the senses on – and look for things on your walk which will appeal to all your senses especially taste. It’s a great excuse for something like a hot chocolate drink!

• Collect some leaves – and try to get as wide a range of colours as possible including red and orange ones. You can then all make some leaf pictures while talking about the way the leaves change colour.

• Try using some classical music to start a conversation about autumn. ‘Autumn’ from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons is the obvious one. But there’s also Fingal’s Cave from Mendelssohn’s The Hebrides overture is great too because not all Autumn weather is about calm, sunny days. These conversations can lead to ideas for stories and paintings. Classical music always goes down well at Inkpots!

• When we all return to school, we’ll start facing the darker days of the start of winter. So maybe this a good week to put some ideas down for celebrating small events to keep everyone’s spirits up before the end of the term. Maybe set some individual goals or a check-in Friday to see what’s been achieved that week.

• It’s the time of year for spooky stories! And not only around Hallowe’en. There’s something about the nights drawing in and lamps being lit early too. A great idea to involve all the family is for everyone to get involved in a joint story. Depending on the age range, you may need to set some house rules, but the idea is that someone starts the story off and then it passes around to each member of the family or group to add their own part. We use this idea at Inkpots too, using some flipchart paper to record all the ideas.

Whatever your plans for half term, we hope you have a glorious one. We would really enjoy hearing about what you all get up to, so please get in touch!



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