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Cogheart by Peter Bunzl

Cogs and chronometers! What a fabulous book!

Cogheart by Peter Bunzl is a brilliant, rip-roaring tale set in a murky, menacing Victorian world of villains, airships, and deadly secrets.

13-year-old Lily holds the key to her inventor father’s secrets – and he is missing. Together with her new friend Robert, she is pursued by silver-eyed men who want to get their hands on her no matter what. They are accompanied by Malkin, Lily’s clockwork fox who was made by her father.

Along the way, Lily and Robert have to face their fears and overcome some really challenging times.

It’s a great adventure story of overcoming adversity and the importance of doing the right thing. There’s a lovely film-like quality to the book – great scenes and descriptions. This seems very fitting as Peter Bunzl is also an animator. The beautiful cover design and ilustrations throughout the book also add to the feeling of a carefully crafted piece. And that is so appropriate for a book which features the skills of clock makers, inventors and scientists.

One of the best things for me was the way Peter Bunzl uses language – there are some great sayings like ‘Smokestacks and sprockets’ and ‘Punchcards and Pistons’, particularly from Mrs Rust, who is one of the mechanicals who care for Lily and her father.

This book is fun, exciting – and just a teeny bit scary sometimes!mark


Cogheart was also read by one of our Inkpots, Holly-Anne, who said:

“I loved the descriptions in the book and the fact that you couldn’t predict where the story was going. It was full of fun and mystery.”

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