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Who Let the Gods Out? by Maz Evans

Who Let the Gods Out? by Maz Evans is a treat. A real treat. I hooted with laughter, gasped at the villain’s antics and almost wept for Elliot, the really reluctant hero. Maz Evans has been a big supporter of Inkpots on Twitter over the past few months and so it was really brilliant to […]

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Slated by Teri Terry – review by Keziah

Slated is a gripping tale the whole way through. When I read a book, I often really like the beginning and the ending, but hate the middle! But I loved every bit of this book! Slated is about Kyla whose memory has been erased, her personality wiped blank, her memories lost for ever. She’s been Slated. […]

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Swan Boy by Nikki Sheehan

I was lucky enough to hear Nikki Sheehan talk about writing last year and so was looking forward to reading Swan Boy a lot! I wasn’t disappointed! Swan Boy tells the story of Johnny and how he and his mum and brother have been affected by the sudden death of his father. They have had […]

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Winter Magic curated by Abi Elphinstone

Winter Magic arrived at my house just before I set off for an Inkpots after school club, so I took it with me. On the spur of the moment, I decided to read some if the introduction out loud to the group. This isn’t something I usually do but there is this lovely book lends […]

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Cogheart by Peter Bunzl

Cogs and chronometers! What a fabulous book! Cogheart by Peter Bunzl is a brilliant, rip-roaring tale set in a murky, menacing Victorian world of villains, airships, and deadly secrets. 13-year-old Lily holds the key to her inventor father’s secrets – and he is missing. Together with her new friend Robert, she is pursued by silver-eyed […]

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