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‘Simply the Quest’ by Maz Evans

Last year, we had the honour of getting to know about Maz Evans and her wonderful forthcoming series of books, Who Let the Gods Out? When Who Let the Gods Out was first published, it was relished by a wide range of children who come to our clubs and became one of ‘our’ books. We […]

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The Guggenheim Mystery by Robin Stevens

Sometimes a book comes along and stops you in your tracks. Days after you have finished the book, you keep going back to it, thinking about the characters and story line. Such a book is The Guggenheim Mystery by Robin Stevens. Robin is well known for her Murder Most Unladylike series, but for this book […]

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Beetle queen

Beetle Queen by M G Leonard

Beetle Boy – the first book is the Battle of the Beetles trilogy – was a huge hit here at Inkpots, so we awaited the return of Darkus, Bertholt and Virginia eagerly. And we weren’t disappointed! Beetle Queen takes over as Darkus’s dad returns home after being kidnapped by evil Lucretia Cutter. But just as […]

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A girl called Owl by Amy Wilson

When I was a child, I would read a book almost at one sitting if it caught my imagination. I would be completely caught up in the story, really identifying with the characters. It was long, long time ago but reading A Girl called Owl took me right back. I was hooked by the story […]

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