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The importance of reading

Last week, I had a conversation with a nine-year-old at one of our Inkpots workshops, about the number of books she had at home, waiting to be read. This particular child – along with many others who come to Inkpots – is an avid reader and she reeled off the titles that were waiting for […]

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Autumn activities

The recent lovely autumn weather here has inspired us at Inkpots to do lots of creative things around the theme. We are sharing some of the children’s illustrations and poems on social media using the hashtag #awesomeautumn. Here are a few more ideas: Write an acrostic autumn poem. There are no tricky letters to start […]

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Back to blogging

Over the summer months, the work of Inkpots slowed down considerably as we only had two workshops over the school summer holidays. However, it’s an ideal time to do some sorting, organising and planning. Quieter days have meant a period of quiet reflection and it was an ideal time to give some thought to how […]

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BLOG POST: Final tips for Year 6

Relax! Some ideas for preparing for exams   It isn’t all about revising and working really, really hard (although these things are important). You need to look after yourself as well! Food is your friend! Make sure you eat plenty of food which is good for you, to keep your energy levels up. Try to […]

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BLOG POST: Tips on organisation at SATs time

The Inkpots Guide to Getting Organised One of the easiest and best ways to help yourself prepare for your SATs is to get organised! If you think you are already very well sorted, then give yourself a big pat on your back. But, most of us actually need a bit of support from time-to-time. Being […]

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BLOG POST: guest blog from Deliciously Ella

I am a big fan of various cookery blogs and one of my favourites is Deliciously Ella. This past week, Ella has written some invaluable advice for her readers on setting up their own blogs. Ella very kindly agreed that I could share the link to this post here. Enjoy!    

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BLOG POST: Bertie Button

As I am sure you can imagine it’s always really exciting to be invited to visit a school and talk to the Headteacher (or Deputy Head) about Inkpots. When I was asked to go to meet the Deputy Head at Manor Field Primary in Burgess Hill, I was particularly thrilled as this was the school […]

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