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Casting Queen by Perdita and Honor Cargill and following your dreams

Fifteen-year-old Elektra has her foot in the door of her dream career: an actress. Picked up by an agent after her unfortunate role as a spider in her school production, she’s thrown into the chaotic world of auditions and call-backs. But it’s not as easy as Elektra imagines. When her relationship with best friend Moss is in turmoil Elektra’s left to deal with her mum, biggest crush of the century Archie and fend off bully Flissy alone, all the while wishing to star in the next blockbuster movie!

This book transported me into the child acting scene – one that I know very little about – with a lively and authentic teenage voice. The Cargills show that acting isn’t all the glitz and glamour we imagine. It’s far humbler in fact, with Elektra hanging around an abandoned warehouse or voicing a squirrel in a nut advert. Nevertheless, she muddles through and had me rooting for her all the way, especially when best friend Moss is distracted with her new boyfriend.

The underappreciated star of Casting Queen for me though, came in the form of Daisy: the prettiest, sweetest, most talented girl at Elektra’s acting class ACT. She embodies the strain that comes with the acting profession and shows that it’s okay to be out of the spotlight as much as Elektra wants to be in it.

Overall, the Cargills talent lies in their humour as they balance more emotional scenes with Elektra’s cringey audition faux pas. She faces the insecurities and challenges of every teenage girl, making this a hugely relatable book. Casting Queen is the perfect light hearted, witty read to entertain you this summer.

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