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‘Brightstorm’ by Vashti Hardy

A few weeks ago, I realised that I may well have missed out on reading a really good book. ‘Brightstorm‘ by Vashti Hardy kept popping up on my Twitter feed as more and more schools mentioned projects that had been completed at the end of term which had been based on the adventures.

I managed to get my hands on a copy and absolutely relished reading it. This immediately says so much. By the end of a school year, I am always rather jaded from reading so many children’s books so it takes a special one to make me want to read without stopping.

Brightstorm has made it into the collection of favourites. It tells the story of Arthur and Maudie Brighstorm who are the children of a daring explorer who is killed during a journey to reach South Polaris. They are cast out into Victorian-esque Lontown not only mourning the loss of their father and home, but also having to deal with the false accusations which have been levelled at him.

Driven by their desire to clear their father’s name, plus an innate sense of adventure, Arthur and Maudie team up with the brave Harriet Culpepper and the crew of her skyship Aurora. As they head themselves to South Polaris, they have challenges and encounters galore with thought wolves, frozen wastelands and the evil Eudora Vane.

I didn’t want this adventure to finish and now want a hawk like Parthena please.

Highly recommended for children age 8 – 11 years – and all lovers of good adventure stories.


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