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BLOG POST: Tips on organisation at SATs time

The Inkpots Guide to Getting Organised

One of the easiest and best ways to help yourself prepare for your SATs is to get organised! If you think you are already very well sorted, then give yourself a big pat on your back. But, most of us actually need a bit of support from time-to-time. Being organised should mean that you don’t forget things or lose stuff which is important – and this means you can concentrate on your work for when you really need to focus. Here are a few ideas:

  • Organise your time You are busy people! Lots of activities to do apart from school, and then there is so much television to watch, games to play, friends to see…but it is important that you organise yourself so that you have enough time to do everything. Write down all the things you want to do, and then see if you actually fit everything in. For a few weeks, some activities might have to stop; this is called time management, and it’s a really useful skill to master as you get older.
  • Organise your work If your folders and books are a mess, your brain will feel all messed up too. You may need to sort through and get rid of any scraps of paper you don’t need; this will only distract you when you’re trying to revise.
  • Organise your school bag Have a really good sort out! Throw away any old pens and pencils that don’t work any more. Do you really need all the clutter in the bottom of your bag? If your bag is free from junk, then you will be able to find things more easily – and this all helps to keep things running smoothly during exam time. Make sure you have your favourite pens, pencils, rulers and so on close to hand though.
  • Organise your space We are sure that lots of you have beautifully neat and tidy bedrooms…you do, don’t you? Even so, make sure you know where all your school things are so that there is no last minute panic. If your room or bedroom space needs a tidy, now might be a good time to do it. You’ll be able to find things quickly and easily – and so things will be less stressful on exam mornings.

Good luck and good organising!

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