Between Sea and Sky

Thursday 2 June at 10am

A writing masterclass with Nicola Penfold

Image: Fernando Jorges

This online workshop – which shares its name with Nicola’s second book – will be packed with ideas and information which will inspire and enthral young writers age 10 – 14 years.

We will look at:

  • Writing eco-fiction;
  • Telling stories about nature and the sea;
  • The balance between not shying away from difficult truths but finding hope and natural solutions to climate change.

“Between Sea and Sky” is set in the near future in a landscape where the land and sea merge. In this workshop, Nicola will look at such liminal spaces that are so intriguing and feel a natural space for stories. She will also talk about her own inspirations for her writing.

“I was totally immersed…I could almost smell the sea and feel the salt in my hair”

Gill Lewis

Our hour-long workshop will also have space for questions for Nicola. To get the most out of the workshop, it is not necessary to have read the book (although it is brilliant!) but you may like to have a look at this page on Nicola’s website which explains some of the background: Between Sea and Sky: resources –

At all Inkpots’ workshops it’s really important that young people feel at ease and secure. So we keep the numbers low in order that everyone gets a chance to chat and share ideas if they wish. Because we deliver the session via Zoom, it also means that everyone can be seen on the same screen too.

If a young person has never been to an Inkpots workshop before, they may have questions about how it all works. Gill would be delighted to have a quick zoom chat with them and a parent so that it’s not totally new on the day of the workshop. Please email Gill to arrange a call or you can book in directly here.

The cost of the workshop is £25 and if you are ready to go ahead and book a space, please click the link below. Further details will then be emailed to you:

Between Sea and Sky workshop
Come and join us for a wonderful, inspiring session!