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Beetle queen

Beetle Queen by M G Leonard

Beetle Boy – the first book is the Battle of the Beetles trilogy – was a huge hit here at Inkpots, so we awaited the return of Darkus, Bertholt and Virginia eagerly.

And we weren’t disappointed!

Beetle Queen takes over as Darkus’s dad returns home after being kidnapped by evil Lucretia Cutter. But just as everyone should be getting over their adventures, Darkus becomes more and more concerned about his Dad. And for good reason.

The book soon takes us off on another adventure where we’re not at all sure which side Darkus’s Dad is on, Lucretia Cutter has more evil plans and our intrepid duo fight to save their beetle friends.

There are some great new characters in Beetle Queen but it is also good to see the friendship between Darkus, Bertholt and Virginia grow. The story takes them to America this time – and some of the adventures made me gasp out loud and I couldn’t read the words quickly enough to find out what happened.

The final part of the story will take the three on an adventure to the Amazon jungle – and we can’t wait!

Many thanks to the lovely people at Chicken House Books for sending us a review copy of Beetle Queen.


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