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Bee Boy – Clash of the Killer Queens by Tony De Saulles

Melvin Meadley is half boy and half bee. This means that he not only has to defend his hive of bees against all their enemies, he also has to deal with his arch enemy, Nasty Norman Crudwell.

Melvin’s story is told in ‘Bee Boy – Clash of the Killer Queens’ by Tony De Saulles. This is a really good book, especially if you like great illustrations in books that you read too. The story moves between Melvin’s home and his hive on the rooftop of the flats where he lives, and his school, so we get to meet lots of interesting characters too.

Melvin is really up against lots of obstacles as he tries to make sure his hive is maintained so the story moves along really quickly, and I just couldn’t stop reading.

‘Bee Boy’ is very funny, but also has an important message about just how essential bees are for the health our planet. There are lots of interesting bee facts too – I’m wondering if we should have an Inkpots bee hive now!

We can’t wait to find out more about Melvin’s adventures as a bee boy!

We would recommend this to readers in Year 4 and above.

Thanks also to Oxford University Press Children’s Books for the review copy



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