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Back to school suggestions

When I opened the back door this morning, there was a definite autumnal nip in the air. The very early mist was beginning to burn off as the sun came through. End of August, the year is starting to turn and it’s goodbye to the long summer.

Everywhere – from the internet to the local supermarket – there are reminders that it’s also back to school in England and Wales. So here are a few things which have been gleaned from the myriad of advice and a bit of experience, which may help:

  • Start the term as you mean to go on. If mornings are a bit of a nightmare for your family, have you thought about setting the alarm for 15 minutes earlier? Just a bit extra time just for you, can make all the difference for everyone. Also getting things ready the night before can make all the difference too. Resolve to make this a well organised year – it really will help all round!
  • Give your child a bit more responsibility. Moving up the school, or to a totally new one, marks a point in their growing up. Trusting children to do a bit more for themselves will help them cope with added responsibility in a new class. It’s always easier and quicker to do things for the kids but, in the long run, you’ll be doing them a favour if they have to do it themselves.
  • We love new stationery at Inkpots and we’ve seen some lovely stuff in the past year. But with all came the inevitable confusion of which set of pens belonged to who and which ruler was which. So a great idea would be to mark or label your child’s stationery if it is likely to be confused with someone else’s; if it’s particularly precious it’s probably best left at home.
  • Ramp up the reading! Well, a bit! From all the messages, postcards and conversations with Inkpots families, I know that lots of you have had a great summer of reading. But in these last few golden days, encourage a switch from electronic devices back to books to help next week.
  • If you are looking for some writing advice for the new term, you can sign up for Inkpots Updates and you’ll be sent our top ten tips. I am also running a short mini-course on helping reluctant writers in late September, so by signing up you’ll also get advance notice of that too. The sign for is on the Home page of our website
  • Don’t forget to be kind to yourself too. Whatever age your children are, another school year signifies a change in family dynamics. If you catch yourself feeling a bit out of kilter allow a bit of time for things to settle as you all get used to the new routine. And, as it’s Inkpots, a nice slice of cake is recommended too.

Good luck to you all as you start another exciting new journey!



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