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Autumn activities

The recent lovely autumn weather here has inspired us at Inkpots to do lots of creative things around the theme. We are sharing some of the children’s illustrations and poems on social media using the hashtag #awesomeautumn.

Here are a few more ideas:

  • Write an acrostic autumn poem. There are no tricky letters to start the lines off – start by simply writing ‘AUTUMN’ down the left hand side of a piece of paper and start each line of your poem with a letter from the word. Make it a fun poem or something darker as we make our way into the winter months.
  • Take a rug and lie down under a big tree – weather permitting. On a really bright autumn day, looking up to the sky through the leaves and branches is quite magical! Trust us – we’ve done it! It can lead to all kinds of discussions about clouds, fairies, animals and the tree itself. This, in turn, can develop into a story and picture idea.
  • Get outside and go for a good walk. Be inspired by all the effects on your senses – and record what you see, hear, smell, touch and taste. If your walk combines blackberrying and then a touch of baking, you have hit the sensory jackpot!
  • Create a scratch picture; these are particularly good to do around Bonfire night. You will need a piece of card, some wax crayons in different bright colours and a black, plus a sharp instrument like a compass, small nail or tweezers. Colour in the whole of the card with the bright crayons – the more random the pattern the better. Go over it again with the black until it completely covered. Then use the sharp point to create a scratch picture – fireworks are really easy and very effective.
  • Can you find a word associated with every letter of the alphabet? It’s trickier than it sounds; great fun to do on a car journey!
  • Not all autumn days are crisp and clear. So if the weather turns dreary, when not spend some time indoors researching autumn customs from around the world?

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