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**New for 2019 – walking workshops**

As the children who come to our after school clubs grow up, their interests and storytelling ambitions change and develop. In response to this, we have developed where we meet up and visit a local area or beauty spot, immerse ourselves in the history and atmosphere. We work on stories and pictures inspired by the surroundings.

Our experience has shown that following aspects work very well:

  • Small groups – up to six young people at each workshop.
  • The workshops work well for 10 – 14 year olds.
  • Workshops last two hours allowing plenty of time for developing ideas, without impinging on other commitments.
  • An outdoors experience – we are based in a great part of the UK, and these workshops make the most of our setting.
  • Using the senses to develop stories. The walking workshops are thoughtfully designed to stimulate all the senses so that our young writers can develop depth in their stories.
  • Each workshops has a theme so that we can immerse ourselves in an imaginary world for a few hours.
  • This kind of creative workshop gives everyone a break from screens and social media – stimulating imaginations, conversations and interactions.
  • We know that such workshops encourage creative activity and the enjoyment carries on after the workshop.
  • Involvement in Inkpots helps support a young person’s development at school as well as contributing to wellbeing and self confidence.

Walking workshops cost £27.50 per young person and includes refreshments (for example, hot chocolate in cold weather or ice cream when it’s hot!). Please book HERE or contact Gill at




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“My daughter really enjoyed this workshop in Brighton. The sights and sounds of the various locations inspired her to think about her senses and how she can build that into her creative writing.” Parent

“My daughters were engaged and talked constantly about what they did. The range of activities and stimuli was good for them. Great value for money. ” Parent