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Activities from the Inkpots Story Fest

Last week, we ran a really good fun online Story Fest. We had children from several countries including UK, Ireland and USA joining in – so we were really global! As some children are still off school this week, I thought that I would just share some of the activities; we can add stories and pictures to the Gallery page too.

Observation activities

One of the things that all we writers share is that we are observers – and it’s something that we can always practise and improve on. Here are just a few ideas:


  • Choose a wall in a room in your house. Find ten things that are interesting and write down what they are – but describe them as much as possible. Try to use non-boring words – banish boring in fact! Don’t worry too much about spellings – just let the words flow.


  • Go into the garden or nearby park or wooded area. Lift a log or stone. Then describe or draw what they see underneath it.


  • Lie on a patch of grass and do some cloud watching. Avoid looking directly at the sun (if it’s out) but see if you can see faces and shapes in the clouds. Could there be a story or poem there?


  • If you visit a different town or city, play I-spy. This may need a bit of preparation beforehand but just draw up a list of things to look out for – like shop signs in a certain colour, or the number of blue buses you see, or how many cats can you spot.


  • You could make a diary for the rest of the Easter holidays – make a detailed note of what you do every day, recording where you go and who you’re with. Add pictures, photographs, receipts and wrappers to remind you of what you did.

Story starters

Here are a few ideas which may spark off a story…

“Jess didn’t want to go away for the holidays. Why did her family have to pack up and leave every single time there was a school holiday? Mum said it was boring to stay in one place all the time. Dad said that travel broadened her mind. Jess just wanted to stay at home…”


“Ellen had always wanted a chocolate rabbit. Not, you understand, a rabbit made of chocolate. But a real rabbit that was a smooth milk chocolate colour.

She had seen one once, a long time ago, when she had been in Reception Class and someone had taken some rabbits in to show her class. But no matter how much she begged, her mum wouldn’t let her have a pet. “


“Silence. No sounds. Just silence.

Elizabeth hardly dared to breathe. The box sat on the table in front of her, and was now glowing gently, giving out a soft yellow light. Then it started to quiver a little bit.

Elizabeth clenched her fists and prepared herself for the noise again. But no. This time the lid of the box started to open, very, very slowly.”


“The chocolate birthday cake had been finished and was standing on the kitchen work top, just waiting to be collected. Mum had spent hours working on the three layers of chocolate sponge, then she had iced it with delicious chocolate cream. Then more chocolate as she had used chocolate sprinkles, chocolate curls and real chocolates on the very top. Charlie thought that he would just take one of the curls – Mum would never notice…”

We’re also always delighted to hear about what the children have been up to during the holidays and what they have been reading too.

If you are interested in more activities like this, we are starting a new online club on 1 May 2017! For more info, please click HERE

Happy writing!




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