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A few notes on writing book reviews

At Inkpots, we have a page on this website called ‘Inkplots’ which is a space for us all to write book reviews. Here are some notes which I hope for the Inkpots children for when they are putting a review together, but I hope that these notes will be encourage other children too to review the books they read. The notes are aimed at the children, and there is a PDF which you can download too.

First of all, it’s a good idea to make some notes before you start writing the actual review.

Here are some ideas you might like to think about:
• Are the characters believable? Do you like them?
• Where and when does the action take place? Are these described well?
• Does the book fit into a genre like mystery, adventure or romance?
• Do you like the way the author writes – do you like the way they use words?
• Are there any bits of the book you really liked, or disliked?
• Very important – did you really like the book? Maybe you thought it was okay? Or was it perhaps not for you?

When you are ready to start your review, you can use the answers to these questions to get you going.

Here is one way of planning your review which may help you too.
• Remember to give the full title of the book and the author’s name;
• Write an interesting first sentence. Try reading other people’s reviews to give you some ideas of how to start.
• Give the reader a short idea of what the book is about – the blurb on the back cover of the book will help here;
• Look at your notes, and put them into an order which makes sense to you for the middle part of the review;
• To finish your review, it’s always good to say whether you would recommend the book to other readers, and what age group it would be good for.
• For Inkplots reviews, please give the book marks out of ten.

These notes are available as a PDF; please click HERE to download it.

In May, a new online club, Inkpots Inc, will be launching so that we can spread the love of storytelling as wide as possible. You can read more HERE.

Happy writing!



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