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Far away magic

A Far Away Magic by Amy Wilson

Last year, I read ‘A Girl called Owl’ by Amy Wilson, and absolutely loved it. So, I was excited to get a copy of her book, ‘A Far Away Magic’. And I wasn’t disappointed.

‘A Far Away Magic’ tells the story of Angel and Bavar.

Angel has moved to a new school and is living with a foster family after the death of her own parents. She doesn’t want to be where she is and isn’t interested at all in making new friends. Until she’s sees Bavar and is completely drawn to him.

Bavar feels completely out of place at school– in fact, he wishes he was invisible, and that isn’t just because he’s the tallest person in the school. He doesn’t want friends, and certainly not one like Angel.

But Angel can see magic and shadows all around Bavar and she knows that the same kind of magic had something to do with the death of her mum and dad.

Together Bavar and Angel must work together to face the shadows. It’s a dangerous quest and really tests them, and their friendship. But Amy creates an amazing world of magic, spells and challenges which is quite unique. She weaves together a contemporary world, with one which is filled with magic, demons and dark corners.
At the heart of the story are two people who are really different but by being true to their friendship they find a way through. Both Bavar and Angel have suffered massive losses, so part of the book is about dealing with grief and anger too.

We think that this book would be great for readers in Year 5 and upwards.

Thanks so much to Macmillan Kids UK for sending us a copy of the book too.



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