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1:1 support – unlocking creativity and fulfilling potential

The Flourish package – the first of our new series of 1:1 packages

Flourish is a three-week programme of 1:1 guidance and support, to explore, co-create and implement an actionable toolkit to support a young person through key stages of educational development and the challenges they may face. 

The package includes:

*Three sessions of 1:1 support beginning with an opening up space to hear out everything the young person is feeling and experiencing;

*A practical look at how any issues are actually playing out in real terms;

*The development of a personalised toolkit which the young person can implement with Gill’s support to tackle particular challenges they are facing.

Gill identified the core of the problem and suggested ideas and strategies to ensure that my daughter’s creative nature is not stifled or lost, but channelled.

The whole process has been put together to create swift action, with maximum support and excellent results and includes the sessions themselves; in-between communications, Gill’s preparation before, during and after, the delivery of the toolkit itself plus a post process summing up for you parents/carers.

If you would like to have a telephone conversation with Gill to discuss this, please book a time here and she’ll call you. Thanks! Schedule Appointment

If you are ready to go ahead and book up, you can do so here:

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