1:1 support for young people

Inkpots 1:1 sessions offer young people the chance to work on their writing development and/or use writing to help work through some challenges they may be facing.

We have been so grateful to you – your work with our daughter has been a great outlet for her. Parent of 14-year-old

Gill is a supportive and understanding book editor as a well as a highly trained youth mentor. The number of places available each term  deliberately limited so that each young person gets the very best support possible. 

Our 1:1 sessions will be of interest if a young person:

  • is stuck in their story writing and needs help to work out where to go next;
  • is finding it hard to find the enthusiasm to write as much as they once did, but wants to do ‘something’;
  • has a specific project or deadline in mind;
  • struggles with self confidence about their writing;
  • finds certain social situations overwhelming;
  • worries about life and their future;
  • is introverted. (Gill is too. That’s why she creates safe, secure – but vibrant – spaces where young people flourish.).

We use creative writing and a mindful approach to unravel these issues and develop individual plans to help work through the challenges.

I love working with teenagers! These are the years when creative ideas abound and imaginations know no barriers. But it’s also a time when young people are trying to find their own way in a challenging world. Gill

We understand that taking part in these kind of sessions is a big family commitment. If you (and your son or daughter) would like to know more, please don’t hesitate to book a free no obligation chat with Gill. You can either email gill@inkpots.org or book a slot directly below:


These sessions cost £55 each and are delivered via Zoom. Block booking discounts are also available.

These sessions have been carefully designed to ensure that child protection and safeguarding considerations, plus confidentiality are respected. Terms and conditions will be shared upon booking.

If you feel ready to book a session, please do email gill@inkpots.org

Gill answered our plea for help as to how to maintain my daughter’s creativity when her school work seemed so goal and exam driven.
Gill rose to the challenge with humour, zeal and enthusiasm. She organised a series of meetings with my daughter, involving fun activities to identify the core of the problem and suggested ideas and strategies to ensure that my daughter’s creative nature is not stifled or lost but channelled.
My daughter is now a happier, more settled teenager with a creative toolkit to use on a daily basis to re-centre herself after a busy day at school. She says the course actively reminded her to do more of the things that make her happy and fulfilled. We call it her toolkit for self-regulation and happiness. Thank you Gill

Mum of 13-year-old