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1:1 support for parents

One of the many challenges of parenting is to carve any kind of creative space for yourself. During the years of child-rearing, many creative projects are shelved, with the constant hope of resurrecting them when there is time. But somehow, that time rarely just appears.

And yet, we know how good having our own project is – not only for ourselves, but also for our families, friends and our work.

Sometimes, parents aren’t looking for very much ‘me’ time. But unlocking that space is a real challenge.

A 1:1 session can help identify how to achieve that without cutting back on real family time. As an editor Gill has project managed many complex productions, and now uses those skills to help parents find time in busy schedules.

A 1:1 session can also be used to help outline a creative project, set boundaries for those around us and with work.

1:1 sessions cost £45 each for 45 minutes with Gill via Zoom.

Shine session

You may also wish to have an initial chat to work through just what support you are looking for. Please use this link to book a free 15 minute discovery call.