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Last Sunday, I was lucky enough to be invited by a friend to go with her to Radio 2’s Festival in a Day in Hyde Park. I have never been to an event like this before, but it was quite an experience. Some 55,000 people were packed into the space and the music just went on and on.

There were lots of notable moments but there was one in particular which has stayed with me.

Will Young performed his set mid way through the afternoon. He came on stage full of energy and enthusiasm – it was engaging and dynamic. All too soon, his announced the last song – and then giant balloons were brought out from the sides of the stage. It was a moment of pure fun. But what caught me was that Will Young insisted that the balloons were passed along so that the people at the back of the huge crowd could see them as well. “Push them back,” he said “send them to the back of the crowd.”

I know that such things are part of carefully planned publicity campaigns but it was a lovely moment. At one stage, a balloon came towards the section of the crowd where my friend and I were – and people were thrilled, genuinely pleased. It was fun and joyous.

It was a fine gesture on Will Young’s part. I have thought about it long after the songs have died down in my head. It was so good to see how much pleasure people got from that moment.

Joy is something that we can all help to spread – simple acts of kindness that bring fun and pleasure. The children at Inkpots unwittingly spread joy – they are a delightful, happy lots and I always feel I can learn a lot from them as well.

The song that Will Young sang as the balloons tumbled over people’s head was, of course, ‘Joy’.

You can catch it here:

Photo credit: BBC Radio 2


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