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Inkpots own manifesto

Over the past few weeks at Inkpots in schools, we have been talking about the General Election, and if we were a political party, what would we introduce. This is what the children came up with:

The Inkpots Manifesto

At Inkpots, we would make the following changes:


  • We will have an Inkpots sleepover, with midnight feast, every Friday night.


  • There will be an ‘imagination corner’ in every classroom.


  • Pens and pencils to be reduced in cost by 70%


  • There will be an Ink castle.


  • Free passes to leisure centres will be given to all children under the age of 16 to encourage more sport.


  • There will be a special Inkpots Room in Burgess Hill.


  • Inkpots will include swimming and rock climbing sessions.


  • Cake will be consumed every day to aid creativity.


  • There will also be an Inkpots Dance Centre.


  • Finally, everyone will be kind to each other.



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