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Inkpots Inc

New online club

Know a child who loves writing, reading, drawing and all things art or book-related?

Inkpots Inc, an online club for children aged 8-11 years, is set to launch on 1 May 2017.

Each month a new creative bundle will be released exclusively to club members, which will include a video message with writing ideas and book news, our own newsletter, guest interviews with authors and artists, help with editing and story development – and much more! And all children will have access to their own individual Inkpots page.

You have helped show my daughter what she can do with such a thirst for reading, and where it can take her.


Sign up here to get regular updates on the development of Inkpots Inc and be part of the feedback team that helps me shape the future of the club this will be so much fun!

This is a unique opportunity for children and parents to be involved in the development a brand new club. By getting involved right at the start, you can all have a say in how we do things!

Come and join us!

 At Inkpots, we believe that every child and young person has a story to tell.

We help support that by creating a warm friendly atmosphere and having lots of fun.


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