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Inkpots Editing

Gill (the founder of Inkpots) is a publications editor with over 35 years’ experience, working with a wide range of clients and organisations. The common factor with all these many and varied jobs is the need to be able to tell a story and engage with an audience.

Inkpots Editing aims to bring these skills and experience together to help support young people further with their writing. Being able to receive positive feedback without getting upset or angry, and really move on to the next stage is such a helpful skill for young people to learn.

Any writer will tell you that there is nothing worse than working really hard on a story, writing away for ages – nurturing the characters – and then getting stuck. It is common to just stop here and so many great stories get lost that way. It’s very easy for writers – especially young ones – to become disillusioned and be far too self critical. A wave of the editorial wand, just at this point, can work wonders!

At Inkpots Editing, we have three editorial levels. From a basic, gentle introduction to having your work edited right through to a more intensive period of story and character development. We do enjoy cake on special occasion at Inkpots so couldn’t resist giving our editorial packages a cake theme. Have a read and join us for a chat and cake!

Cupcake This is a package designed for the beginner at a basic entry level. Especially for children who are new to having their work edited, or those that would like some helpful feedback. The package includes:

  • An hour’s editorial time when the story will be constructively and carefully edited. The story should be of a reasonable length, but not book sized.
  • Feedback will be received in writing and guidelines for the next steps will be provided.
  • Guidelines will take the form of a basic editorial, unique to the young person’s writing for them to follow in the future.

Cost of the cupcake package: £35


Cheesecake Many young writers really enjoy crafting a complex plot and set of characters – weaving in their fantastic ideas. Sometimes all that is needed to pull a coherent story together is just a little support organising those ideas. Cheesecake is next level of editing is just for those writers. A cheesecake level writer will receive the same support as a Cupcake, PLUS:

  • A 20-minute Skype conversation to develop the young writer’s story and characters;
  • Follow-up notes from the conversation and a story plan within 24 hours of the conversation.

Cost of the cheesecake package: £95

GateauxGateaux This is the top end of our range of editorial services and is ideally suited for a young writer who has done a substantial amount of work on their own, and already has developed characters, a setting and a good story line. Gateaux offers a comprehensive level of editorial support to take the young writer’s copy and story development to a further level. An important part of this process is collaboration between the writer and the editor. Gateaux subscribers will receive:

  • Initial editorial feedback
  • 20-minute Skype chat
  • Follow-up notes and story plan development
  • A second editorial feedback session and 10 minutes Skype chat to check all is on course.
  • Notes for the young writer to refer back to as they embark onto the next stage of their writing journey.

Cost of the gateaux package: £150

Booking details for these packages are given opposite, but the chances are that you will want to talk about your project before booking. Please do call Gill for a chat on 07771 231563 or email



It is thanks to you that my son can get into characters and get such emotion into his words   




Booking details

Once you and your child have decided which package they would like, please email Gill to confirm. An email will then be sent to confirm all the details and once these have been agreed, Gill will send an invoice, payment details and a few straight forward guidelines (including how we’ll make sure your child is safe at all times, and how I would deal with any sensitive issues). When payment has been received, a simple schedule will be worked out and the lovely work can start.