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BLOG POST: In praise of kindness

Last weekend, I received a very supportive email from someone I have never met. The person in question hadn’t heard from me for over two years, our connection is highly unlikely to benefit him in his business, but he took the time out of his weekend to email and say ‘hey, well done’. And it […]

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BLOG POST: Less of a dinosaur

To say I am delighted to have the Inkpots website ( up and running is an understatement. It’s been a long time coming and there have been times when I just couldn’t envisage how it would look or work. But it’s here and is working well; there have been so many lovely comments and the […]

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BLOG POST: A Kindle for Christmas

As a Publications Editor, I love all things to do with books. I have a fascination with typefaces, their development and usages; I’ve used Pantone ink swatches as artwork in my kitchen and know all about paper weights. To visit a print floor is a treat and a half. Hearing a Heidelberg at full speed […]

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