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Five steps to a creative summer

The end of the summer term is nearly upon us here in England, and many parents are more than ready for a break from the school run and making the packed lunches up. But after the initial first days of freedom, the weeks that stretch ahead will need filling. Even when you’re away on holiday, […]

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June story starters

This month we are sharing some ideas for stories to help young writers start their stories; we know that some like to look at a picture for inspiration and others prefer the actual start of stories to get them thinking – so here are both. (Hope you like the spooky castle!)   Here are some […]

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Responding to news of terrorist attacks

After the Manchester Arena bombing a few weeks ago, I considered writing a post about the steps I take whenever a terrorist attack is in the news and may affect the children and young people who come to Inkpots. With 24-hour news and access to phones, children are much more aware of world events, and […]

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Settling children at new workshops

From time to time at Inkpots, children come to holiday workshops not knowing anybody else, and our way of doing things is new to them too. Over the years, I have developed a few strategies for settling new children in, especially those who are a little anxious. I have pulled some of these ideas together […]

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Inspired by Michael Rosen and David Walliams

I am a devoted BBC Radio 4 listener and one of the absolute joys is Michael Rosen on Word of Mouth on Tuesday afternoons. I catch this as I am driving home from Inkpots and it’s always a delight to hear such interesting discussions about words, language development and the importance of being playful with […]

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Meeting Maz

I met one of my literary heroes last week. Maz Evans and I started chatting on Twitter when she began talking about her forthcoming book Who Let The Gods Out? It’s based on the premise that the Greek Gods are still around and come to the aid of a young lad called Elliot. Many of the […]

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Inspiring places

We launched our new online creative writing club – Inkpots Inc – last week, and one of the most brilliant aspects is getting to know the new children. A few days after joining, one child went to an island off the coast of Ireland for the weekend. The photos were just stunning and it looked […]

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