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BLOG POST: Less of a dinosaur

To say I am delighted to have the Inkpots website ( up and running is an understatement. It’s been a long time coming and there have been times when I just couldn’t envisage how it would look or work. But it’s here and is working well; there have been so many lovely comments and the Inkpots children are getting into the swing of adding work to their portfolios too.
So far, so good. Now on to maintaining the flow of information and keeping it looking fresh and interesting. And then there’s all the other bits; those pesky little pieces of social media which you now have to keep updated too.
It’s not very long ago that to publicise your business you needed attractive stationery and a well presented brochure – all of which I understood. But now, of course, you take your pick of social media platforms – or do you need them all?
I will be the first to admit that until fairly recently I was a complete dinosaur where things like Facebook and Twitter were concerned. I had accounts on both but I honestly didn’t know what I wanted to do with them. In honesty, I was daunted and a bit baffled.
There are a couple of people in particular whose Twitter feeds are things of pure delight; they’re not celebs, just interesting people running small businesses, who know enough about their chosen medium and audience, to provide information and entertainment at the same time.
However, an interesting thing has happened as an offshoot of putting the website together. I can now see the reason for having the various channels and which ones can be used for particular pieces of information. I’ve found the ones which I think work best for Inkpots and, in fact, rather than struggling to find news to share, there seems to be a natural flow. But, really what’s happened is that the recognition that keeping it simple is the best policy. And what Inkpots is about is very simple; it’s having fun and being with friends. The bottom line is that it’s the people who matter – whichever platform I decide to use.



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