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BLOG POST: Editing tips for young writers

When you have done a piece of writing, it’s always a good idea to do a final check through, especially if you are giving it to someone else. Here are some of the things that you should check.

  • When you have finished your piece, always read it through at least once. You may have spent a long time on your writing and feel a bit fed up with it! But, it is very important that you check it through.
  • Does your story make sense? Are there any bits you need to explain more?
  • Have you used the correct punctuation – for example, in any conversations you have included in your story? If you are not sure, find someone who could help – maybe your parents, a teacher or you could bring your story to Inkpots.
  • Are you sure about any facts that you have included – this is especially important in stories which are set in the past. For example, you can’t say that a character from Tudor times uses a mobile phone!
  • Have you used some good connecting words and phrases to make your story flow so that it is easy for your reader to follow.
  • Check your sentences – make sure they are not too long!
  • If you have hand written your story, try to do your best writing so that your story looks neat and is easy to read.
  • If you decide to type your story, do use a simple typeface like Verdana or Ariel is a good one too. Fancy typefaces may be fun but it is quite hard work for your reader!
  • Are you going to illustrate your story? Could you add an illustration or photograph?
  • Finally, when you have done all your checking, be proud of your work and enjoy everyone’s comments.


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