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Inkpots Activity Packs


At Inkpots, education and inspiration is at the heart of everything we do – including our activity packs.

Our new chocolate-themed pack (which is aimed at 7 – 10 year olds) is full of activities which will delight and entertain children while, at the same time, gently encouraging them to use words creatively and fire up their imaginations. The activities culminate in a set of story starters designed to trigger off a train of thought,  leading to amazing tales!

Each beautifully produced A4 pack includes:chocolate-pack

  • Chocolate colouring sheet – to help a child settle down, slow down and focus on the ideas.
  • Word square puzzle – 15 chocolatey words have been cleverly hidden in the 14 x 14 grid and not only do the children have to find the words, it’s a way of getting them to think about the words themselves too.
  • Unscramble words puzzle – by solving these puzzles, we’re also introducing children to some different descriptions they can use for chocolate.
  • Design your own chocolate bar – children love this activity! Let imaginations fly as children design the chocolate bars of their dreams!
  • Story starters – all the activities work towards encouraging children to write their stories on a chocolate theme. We have provided some opening lines to trigger off ideas – and then you can see in which directions children would like to go.
  • Chocolate Wow words – our final sheet suggests some words to add  dynamic descriptions to those stories.
  • Plus suggestions for carrying on writing and being creative.

It is so important to channel children’s creativity and these activities are just the job! We estimate that the activities themselves will take about an hour to complete – but get a child started on a story and the inspiration will run and run.

Such a clever idea! So effective

Children’s book blogger, Book Monster Ally

The printed pack costs just £5 (plus p&p); please order and pay for your copy via the Pay Pal link below – if you don’t have a Pay Pal account, you can pay by debit or credit card, and Pay Pal just handles the admin for us. Please contact Gill at to discuss other options.

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