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BLOG POST: A Kindle for Christmas

As a Publications Editor, I love all things to do with books. I have a fascination with typefaces, their development and usages; I’ve used Pantone ink swatches as artwork in my kitchen and know all about paper weights. To visit a print floor is a treat and a half. Hearing a Heidelberg at full speed is music to my ears and the smells from the inks, paper and glues mean I’m home. Whenever I get printed copies of a new job delivered, the first thing I do is to smell the paper and then smooth it down carefully, making sure it feels good.

So, when it comes to reading for pleasure, it’s real books for me all the way. I am a devoted user of the local library (another blog subject) and like nothing better than having a pile of books waiting to be read. I have been a staunch supporter of ‘real’ books and have regarded those who read on electronic devices with some suspicion.

But a chance remark a few months ago has led me to be given a Kindle for Christmas. And so begins a new relationship.

First impressions have been good. Aesthetically, I liked my new gadget from the start; very nice packaging (it matters – see above!) and really easy to get going. I had downloaded my first book within minutes and, again, I liked what I saw.

It helps that the first book of choice is a cracking good read – The unlikely pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce – but I also like the choice of typeface and the way it has been laid out for the Kindle. Okay, so I can’t smooth the pages down, but my new electronic companion slips neatly into a bag.

Early days but I’m liking this new experience. The whole point of me having the Kindle is for it to be taken on my travels, but it also seems to be fitting into daily life as well. I cannot, however, see it replacing my beloved ‘real’ books ever. We will see!



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One Response to BLOG POST: A Kindle for Christmas

  1. lynda January 13, 2015 at 10:45 pm #

    Love my kindle but couldn’t be without proper books! Best of both worlds x

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