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Last week, there was news coverage about boys enjoying e-books more than paper ones. A quick straw poll at Inkpots, however, showed this was not the case in our groups. Even with the group of reluctant readers I am currently working with, showed that the children still really like the feel of books.

This set me off on a trawl around the internet to do a bit of research. I didn’t get any particular answers to the question I had about e-books, but I did come across some really great blogs about children’s books. It has been an absolute delight finding these sites, so I decided to share the information. There are – obviously – lots of blogs about books so I am sure you will find others that appeal to you, but it’s such a great resource to have this material available.

I have been using the Guardian Children’s pages for some time –

Lots of different topics are featured – and children can get involved too. Some really great authors interviews, as you would expect.

I came across last week was – which is specifically for boys. I am particularly interested in this as some of our reluctant readers are boys – and this site has a really energetic feel about it.  The blog is the brain child of Darren Hartwell, who is an assistant Headteacher, wanting to share his love of books and reading.

Anna the Bookworm has the rather fabulous Twitter handle of @ScoutFinch_75. She describes herself as a mum, trainee teaching assistant, volunteer librarian and bookworm. Read her book reviews for children on

Anna has a number of blogs – and her children have blogs too. How great is that?

For reviews about books for young adults, try Jenny Davies, its author, describes herself as a ‘lifelong fan monsters, magic and the macabre’. Jenny is also a bookseller. Good credentials!

I really like the look of

As a publications editor, this blog appeals to my sense of order and organisation. It’s put together by Book Monster Ally who is also a library and information assistant.  This is a fun, friendly and really accessible blog.

Finally, in this current trawl I found Book Lover Jo; she is on a mission to promote reading for pleasure – and we would want to join her on that! Her blog is at

I am sure that this will be the first of many Blog about Blogs – there is such a richness of blogs out there, just waiting to be discovered!



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