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Inspiration quote

“Seven times more children write above expected levels when they enjoy writing.”

National Literacy Trust research June 2017

main text

Inkpots Writing Workshops – for children and young people who love writing, reading and drawing…

available online

Available online:

Inkpots inc

inkpots inc online club

inkpots editing

inkpots editing

inkpots shop

inkpots shop

Inkpots heros

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Free resources

inkpots free resources


and in mid sussex:

and in mid-sussex:

inkpots for schools

inkpots for schools

inkpots for young people

inkpots writers hut

holiday clubs

holiday clubs


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Inkpots NEW online club

Registration for Inkpots Inc is now OPEN – click HERE and join in!


Let’s celebrate!

At Inkpots, we mark each child’s birthday with a card and a big shout out here:

July birthdays:

Annabel 7th

Alia 13th

Zoe 14th

George 16th

Lizzy 24th

Sophie 28th

Charlie 30th


we believe

At Inkpots, we believe that:

• everyone can write something;
• writing muscles need to be stretched and toned;
• writing should be enjoyable and exciting;
• collaboration – not competition – is important.


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